Visiting Sprinks Farm

Looking for things to do in Staffordshire? There are several opportunities to visit Sprinks Farm.
We welcome walkers onto the footpaths across the farm.
From these you can often see the deer and there are opportunities to spot some of the local wildlife.

Deer Walks

During certain times of the year, we lead informative, guided deer walks inside the park.

Open Days and Events

We are planning open days throughout the year for local families and organisations.


We welcome families to stay and enjoy our farm and the local surroundings.

Farming Practices and Wildlife

At Sprinks Farm we take a minimal intervention approach to farming the land. We don’t use pesticides, herbicides or excessive machinery and strive to achieve a more natural habitat to develop for the deer and other species.

The deer are kept in a natural environment and cycle. The highlights of the year are the sights of the first calves/fawns in May and June and, of course, the impressive spectacle of the rut in October and November.

Other wild species co-exist with the deer, and the health of the insect and small mammal population can be seen in the large number of owls, buzzards and other large predators thriving in the grounds.

From 2021, we have been in conversion towards organic status and we look forward to updating you on our progress.